preCharge, Inc. offers the Medical Mary brand CBD / Hemp products

Date:2019-10-01 18:49:41

preCharge, Inc. is a Wyoming based digital currency corporation dedicated to offer utility and value to its digital currency (token) holders.  In addition to gift cards, Visa prepaid cards, NASCAR race track entry tickets and other services, preCharge now provides our wallet holders with the high-quality Medical Mary CBD / Hemp products.  Our wallet holders will soon be able to purchase the full line of Medical Mary products at a 25% discount, and will eventually be able to pay using preCharge PCPi tokens.

preCharge has arranged for any orders placed on the Shop Page at to be processed through 3D Medical LLC who will be responsible for all shipments and customer services.

The Medical Mary products include a full line of CBD Sublingual Tinctures, CBD Capsules, Pet Products, Gummeis, Vapes, and Personal Care items.  Medical Mary products are the first and only CBC / Hemp supplements infused with powerful, provedn nutraceuticals fo the ultimate in targeted resules.  Their DBC / Hemp is 100% grown by family farmers based in the United States, and tested in third-party labs to potency levels of 99.8%.  The Medical Mary production facilities are registered and regularly inspected by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), meeting Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) with pharmaceutical levels of quality and hygiene.  Most other CBD / Hemp providers do NOT have this certification.

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