Press Release - preCharge Acquisition

Date:2019-05-31 19:07:07

Effective May 31, 2019
preCharge, Inc. has acquired all intellectual property and consumer
information from preCharge USA, Inc. The new corporation, preCharge Inc., will honor and manage all current preCharge wallet holders' assets. We want to assure all of the former company's token buyers that their tokens will follow them to the new Company, providing they complete the legally mandated compliance rules. These rules require that the Company adheres to "KYC"- "Know Your Customer" regulations and in accordance with the KYC regulations, we must receive two forms of identification from everyone who either buys tokens or wants their existing tokens transferred to the new company. The preCharge website will be updated over the next few days with this new information, as well as instructions for downloading the required documents. A notice will be sent when the website is ready to accept wallet holders' KYC information.
preCharge, Inc. will be launching a secure exchange in the very near future. The unique exchange will initially feature free token listings and no trading fees. In addition, an agreement has been secured with a debit card provider for the preCharge debit cards. The cards will be linked to the preCharge digital wallets. More information will be announced as wallet and debit card coordination is completed.
The headquarters for preCharge Inc. is in crypto-friendly Wyoming. The management team of preCharge, Inc. is dedicated to security and regulatory compliance standards, and is working diligently to meet those goals in the U.S. and around the world. preCharge Inc. is working with multiple Blockchain teams and advisors to ensure the strongest adherence to regulatory compliance.
Regular updates on the exchange, debit cards, token sales and official launch date will be released on preCharge, Inc. social media and websites. Current wallet holders may use their existing login credentials for access to their accounts, however, you may need to re-enter your password to gain access. The website is
preCharge, Inc. - "A Better Way To Pay''
Meet The preCharge, Inc. Management Team:
Ralph Dahm- Chief Executive Officer
Barbara Weisbein - Senior Operations Adviser
Donald Fairley- Senior Business Strategist
Lisa Smith - Senior Legal and Compliance Adviser
Traci Lockhart Hobbs - Senior Communications Adviser
Douglas Hobbs - Senior Marketing Strategist